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Santi Mandala Villa

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Located on the outskirts of Ubud at Batuan Gianyar, Santi Mandala Villa & Spa offers a tropical getaway with its traditional villas and its large swimming pool.Set on a hillside garden, Santi Mandala offers views of Oos River and rice paddy fields. It is also just a 25-minute drive from Ubud, which offers various cultural and dining attractions and the popular Ubud market.

Villas at Santi Mandala are spacious and each air-conditioned villa is equipped with a balcony, Room service is also available.

Facilities at Santi Mandala include a jogging track and swimming pool with sunken bar. You can also recharge with the spa, its available variety of massage therapies and body treatments.

Santi Mandala Villa & Spa offers a coffee shop and the open air Boga Mandala restaurant, where one can enjoy Balinese and western cuisine while free WiFi is available from 11:00 until 23:00.

Guest must fill reservation data via online. Online form will be provided by Santi Mandala Hotel via email.
Guest must have a health certificate, signed by official health authority oftheir country.
Guest must have a written declaration, consist of no direct contact with anypatient currently has COVID 19 virus.
Airport Pick Up
Our driver obliges to check guest body temperature, with thermometer gun,before the guest entering our car.
Santi Mandala Hotel will provide iPad or Tab for guest, to fill in the check in form.
If the guest show any COVID symptom, our driver has the right to refuse the guest to enter the car. Our driver will then contact the official health authority in the airport.
Hand sanitizer & face mask will be provided by Santi Mandala Hotel, and guest must use face mask before entering the car.
Santi Mandala Hotel will only use minivan to pick up guest, to provide a safe spacebetween passenger.
Body temperature check before entrance
Check in Process will be done as short as possible.
Santi Mandala Hotel will provide hot ginger as our new welcome drink for the guest.
If any guest has COVID symptom ( cough, shortness of breathing, body temperature 38C or more ) our receptionist will ask the guests to stay in our designated quarantine room and call official health authority for further check-up.
Daily cleaning with disinfectant standard.
Mattress general cleaning will be done with special vacuum & disinfectant.
General cleaning in the room after guest check out.
Table setting and spacing will follow WHO suggestion, at least 1 metre in between table.
Food & beverage menu will be on display, instead of using menu book.
No extra charge for room service.
Our waiter & waitress will use hand sanitizer before serving food.
Payment only by card.
Body temperature check before entrance.
Guest is oblige to take shower before beginning the treatment.
Body temperature check before entrance.
Face mask is a must at all time.
If they have any COVID symptom ( cough, short breathing, body temperature 38Cor more ), they are not allowed to enter the premises but referred to go to clinic or hospital as soon as possible.
Body temperature check before entrance.
Face mask must be use at all time.
Staff that show any COVID symptom is not allowed to enter.
Quarantine room is prepared in the hotel.
Nearest hospital is less than 5 km from the hotel

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