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9 Oteller in Kenting, Tayvan Çin
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Otel- şehir merkezine 8.82km
Mulinn’s located in Hengchun Township, close to Hengchun City (East, South, West, North, Ancient City and Old Street). There is the Museum of Marine Biology and the Shigetibu Hot Spring on the north. In the south, there is Kenting Street and the southernmost...
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Sasa L'amour
Otel- şehir merkezine 5.27km
Within only 20 m from the beach, Sasa L'amour is situated just opposite Chuanfanshih Beach where guests can enjoy the sunset in winter time. It offers free WiFi throughout the property and an on-site restaurant. There are 3 different buildings designed in...
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Kenting Original Hostel
Hostel- şehir merkezine 5.11km
Welcome to: Kenting Original Hostel【 KO hostel 】 This is an international and friendly hostel nestled in a quiet alley on Kenting Main Street. In this era of technological advancement, the fundamental interaction and communication between people are gradually...
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Afei Surf Hostel
Hostel- şehir merkezine 7.31km
Ours is the best surf hostel for both professional surfers and absolute beginners. We offer surf lessons, surf tours and surfboard rentals with surf wear included. We also organize scuba diving and snorkelling tours to Houbihu, the harbour nearby. Our surf...
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Afei Surf Jialeshuei
Hostel- şehir merkezine 2.4km
Afei Surf Jialeshuei is located in Kenting, a prefect place for all the surf lovers, and is the best surf hostel for both professional surfers and absolute beginners. Afei Surf Jialeshueiis facing the Jialeshuei Beach, the most popular surf point area in...
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Doll House Lodge
Hostel- şehir merkezine 8.71km
With the Dolls, we record the laughing moment with peaceful mood, the collection is our treasure of good memory. Located in the center of Hengchun Town, Kenting, Our Doll House Lodge not only attract adults but also children, by our ultimate weapon...' doll...
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North Fei Hostel (Branch of Afei Hostel)
Hostel- şehir merkezine 6.63km
North Fei Hostel is branch of Afei Surf Hostel in Kenting. Type of Morocco Hostel feel which is the best surf hostel for both professional surfers or non-surfing crowds in Kenting. It's favored by both Taiwanese locals, and tourists from all over the world....
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Kenting Hostel
Hostel- şehir merkezine 5.15km
Kenting Hostel is located on the main road in Hengchun Township where is convenient to take public bus or taxi to the scenic spots. We offer very reasonable prices to arrange the arrival or departure transfers which make your trip easier: TWD 300 per person...
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Wonder Ocean Dive Hostel
Hostel- şehir merkezine 8.69km
Wonder Ocean Dive Hostel - Kenting Hengchun is located in the center of town Hengchun Transfer Station. Take the bus, car rental, 24-hour supermarket and various life functions are very convenient! Each of us is a comfortable bed are independent cylinder...
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