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Seaview Hills - Backpackers Place Bohol

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Seaview Hills - Backpackers Place Bohol has a free to use luxury infinity pool with sea view. The view includes sea, lakes, mountains and the city.

Seaview Hills - Backpackers Place Bohol has dormitory with 6 bunk beds with space for 12 guests. Hanging hammocks to socialize with other backpackers makes it a super fun and chill place to hangout. With a new build kitchen (2020) we are serving food and drinks. Seaview Hills - Backpackers Place Bohol has a nice Bar with world championship billiard table and cold cheap cocktails and beers.

A car & Bike rental service is available at the accommodation. Seaview Hills - Backpackers Place Bohol always wants to give all guests the best experience in Bohol, so they help arrange tours and bar trips.

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Wouldn’t recommend this hostel for a few reasons - It’s in the middle of nowhere so you have to get a bike to go anywhere and it’s far from the main town/beaches - No atmosphere at all, we were the only ones there - There’s no restaurant as advertised so you have to go out for everything, even drinking water - The pillows were the worst we have ever had, it was better sleeping without it - The owner makes you play pool ‘for beers’ when he is clearly a very good player so you end up buying his drinks, we had no choice in this and he got funny when we said we didn’t want to - Showers are freezing cold
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Bayan, 18-24
The hostel itself is lovely but it’s in the middle of no where, the hostel charges more for a tuck tuck compared to flagging down your own tuck tuck and they over charge for hiring mopeds (admitting themselves) that they can do so because by the time you’ve paid to get to town to hire one you may as well hire their overpriced service. Also tried to charge an extra 100p for staying an extra night through them instead of booking on hostel world. Lots of sly hidden charges and over charges.
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Bayan, 25-30
They have the most pristine billiards table I'll ever have the misfortune to play on. It's like flying first class then having to go back to riding in the baggage compartment. The pool table however is just one of the many reasons to stay here. The infinity pool on the hill is a magnificent way to take in all of the islands splendor while chilling out listening to the tokays. Down below the kitchen will dish out some of the best food around. The beds are comfortable and clean. It was a pleasure!
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Erkek, 25-30


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