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El Tigre de Santiago

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We are a hostel, yes, but we are more than that. We are the neighborhood (barrio) of Santiago, we are in the oldest historical area in Mérida and we like taking care of it. We like stepping out for fresh air (“tomar el fresco”) and drinking good coffee, we are the Tuesdays of trova and Polito’s ice creams. We like shopping and dining in the market, we like the park and the “marquesitas”; it’s art galleries and concerts, we like walking and biking. We like barbecuing in the hostel’s roof, and the parties in our bar. We like jazz and meeting people from all over the world, we like waving to the neighbors and taking our nap (tomar la siesta); we are travelers, not tourists, we are inclusive and friends, we are free. We celebrate being able to enjoy every second, every note, every beer and every conversation.
Yes, this is a hostel, but it’s so much more. It’s an open space of friends, travelers, locals and foreigners.

We may be from anywhere around the world, but now we are from the Barrio of Santiago.

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Was a very quiet and chilled place to stay. Good wifi and nice rooms. Would have preferred a bit of privacy from a curtain round the bed in the dorm room, but the bed was very comfortable. There was no drinking water available which was a bit disappointing, other than that I had a good stay.
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Bayan, 41+
This hostel is good value for money and if you’re just looking for a bed for the night. The guy at reception was so helpful and lovely but unfortunately we had a bad experience due to a guy in our room and a smelly drain! It was so so smelly, but I think that’s a Mérida problem in general, would be good if it could be kept on top of somehow. The location is far from the bus station but close to the centre. There’s no atmosphere at all, no activities or common area really…but yeah, fine for a bed
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Çift, 25-30
The staff was very helpful and supportive. The visitors were respectful. It would have been better if there was a designated smoking area far away from the common areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms and terrace/loft. Some smokers have no consideration for nonsmokers and it is sad that the toxicity if forced upon others who no longer smoke and prefer to eliminate the unhealthy behavior.
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Erkek, 41+


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