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Hostel Casa Eek Balaam

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Hostel Casa Eek Balaam’s a very comfy recently pimped house, located 2,5 blocks from a public entrance to the lagoon, and few blocks from city hall, so as the ADO bus station, Gas station, Local market & the Bacalar fort.

We mostly tried to recycle most of the material we found around on the streets and make it into something useful, that looks good.

We mostly used concrete, wood, plants & old metals, the final stage will include a jacuzzi & green rooftop.

We can book for u tours, cabs, restaurants & delivery.

We can rent bicycles for you to explore around, there’s a terrace and a rooftop to watch the sunset, sun beds, the kitchen it’s equipped with everything you need to cook a nice meal, eat plugs are available too.

There’s a patio for smokers, plus a big terrace.
We have a private space on the lagoon just for our guests where you can rent kayaks or book a tour.

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The place was VERY dirty. There was pigeon feces all over - my partner stepped in fresh stuff is iChat outside our room, the shower hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, the sheet did not fit the bed and we had to sleep on a dirty mattress. The poor guy Who had to make everyone breakfast didn’t even have a toaster for the bread or a counter surface so all the food he was preparing was on various, dirty spaces, and the staff were not washing their hands.
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Bayan, 41+
Nice little hostel, everything you’d want and a low cost. Only negatives were no lockers and the private room had a window to the main communal area/kitchen so was loud, and the curtain was a bit see through.
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Çift, 25-30
-Great and helpful staff -Wonderful rooof terrace -Good location - Everything was great except that our room was very mouldy. As soon as you open the door to the room, you can really smell it so I really hope the staff solves this as otherwise it's great!
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Bayan, 25-30


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