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Pacifico Hostel is located in a huge natural reserve on a cliff surrounded by more than 70.000 metres of virgin tropical jungle and amazing untouched beaches. We are located inside the national park and in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. As the tides come and go, navigate the jungle by swimming, kayaking or hiking. Inside, youll find mangroves, waterfalls, natural pools, and by night, swim together to find fluorescent plankton inside the nearby caves.

We have a beautiful social area with restaurant, bar and outdoor amenities to enjoy the breath-taking view of this private paradise. The rooms are inside the Jungle in between the trees looking to the sea, we have full bathrooms running on rain water and a little veggie garden we are starting.

Colombians have to pay 19% additional taxes.

To arrive you have to go to Juanchaco VIP or other boat company in Muelle Turístico in Buenaventura, ask for a ticket TO PACIFICO HOSTEL. You have to be there half an hour before the boats departure 10:30am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm

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Absolutely loved the atmosphere here, the staff were super helpful, kind and caring! Juan & Will are the only names I can remember, but everyone was so warm & welcoming!! Pacifico is a place where you should disconnect to reconnect, so no WiFi, & believe me it is the best way to really absorb where you are! Fear not; if you are in town or other places, you will be able to get reception. Pacifico is a family, we played boardgames, ate together &chilled by the fire pit, truly amazing experience!
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Bayan, 31-40
Beautiful location and views, unfortunately we felt let down by the hostel in general so I wouldn’t recommend staying there. For the price we paid the dorm wasn’t great, the door didn’t close properly which meant we were woken up by rodents, there’s no fans so it is also very hot and the bed / pillows are terrible. The food was a massive let down, really didn’t taste good and because the hostel is so far from the town you didn’t really have much choice than to have dinner there.
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Çift, 25-30
The only - the bathrooms were far from the dorms, anyway who cares, but fans in the dorms is a must, you should install fans, it's super hot humid 🥵 by night.
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Erkek, 41+


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