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Lake Arenal Brewery Hotel

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When Jean Paul, the owner of Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery, arrived in Costa Rica with his family, they fell in love with this area which is surrounded by lush lands, loads of wildlife and breathtaking views of the lake and Tenorio, Rincon de la Vieja and Arenal volcanoes.

In 1992, JP designed and built this beautiful, unique and eco-friendly hotel, using the Palace of Knossos (located in Crete, Greece) as inspiration for its architectural concept. The entire hotel, including fresco-embellished walls and multiple pillars, were painted using ochre (a natural clay earth pigment). Choosing ochre over paint is one of the many initiatives undertaken to promote harmonious living with the environment.

The rooms are comfortable and standard.
Since the weather is perfect here and cooled by the jungle, a ceiling fan is all you need to be comfortable. No AC is provided. We also do not have televisions in the rooms…Let’s appreciate how beautiful this area is, and hear the sounds of the jungle!

The hotel grounds are also respectful of nature, we have:
- A large outdoor pool, filled with fresh spring water, surrounded by exotic vegetation and a jaw-dropping view!
- Our latest eco-friendly project: a hot tub! After sunset, we fill the Jacuzzi with solar-heated water so you can relax and enjoy the sounds of dusk.
- A tennis court in a jungle setting, which makes it extra special. It’s a great place to workout or meditate!
- Frog ponds where you can find the famous red-eyed tree frogs!
- Beautiful gardens scattered with sitting areas. Perfect for bird watching and listening to the relaxing sounds of nature!

The brewery (originally opened in San Jose) was moved to the hotel complex in 2011, making us Costa Rica’s 1st Hotel and Brewery! The quality of the water here is simply unmatched! All our beers are brewed using virgin waters trickling from the shoulders of Tenorio Volcano. You can taste the difference it makes and you can feel great about drinking our beer, because Lake Arenal Brewery operates solely on solar energy – another effort to reduce our impacts on the environment.

The LAB Pub, where you can enjoy our delicious brews, is located in the main lobby of the hotel. Not a beer fan? No problem! ... Try one of our signature cocktails or one of our 100% natural juices!

Our property spreads over 18 acres of land and we are so much more than the hotel and brewery! Take a look at what we do:

- We build and customize green-living container houses.
- Our dairy farm provides us with cheese and milk, while empowering local farmers.
- Our pig farm provides us with both methane gas (which we use for cooking) and fertilizer for farming.
- We cultivate seasonal foods and various herbs in our organic gardens and hydroponic systems.
- We have one of the biggest outdoor skate parks in Costa Rica: Tilawa Skate Park!

Being eco-friendly is important to us and we are proud use non-toxic, natural products that repel insects, without killing them, to maintain the property clean.

Animals you may spot!
As we respect the environment and the nature around us, we can profit from an abundance of wildlife on our grounds. You may see all or some of these:
- Many species of birds, including toucans and parrots
- Howler monkeys
- Sloths
- Armadillos
- Porcupines
- Different species of frogs
- Insects and reptiles
- Occasionally, wild cats such as the Puma Jaguarondi

We would love to welcome you in our little piece of paradise! Come and experience something different, be in sync with nature and just be…Pura vida!

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Great spot JP the owner is a one of a kind great guy . All the staff was great. A must see view
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Erkek, 41+
Was really nice but a bit off the main road. The view is amazing though and the hotel has its own vibe.
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Bayan, 18-24
Absolutely LOVED this place. Extremely beautiful location with scenic views of Lake Arenal. Clean facilities. Extremely helpful staff and extremely friendly owners. Definitely my best hostel experience ever (and I’ve had a lot!). Only downfall is that is a little far from town if you’re taking a bus but that’s the whole beauty of the secluded property.
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Bayan, 25-30


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