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Değerlendirmeler: anonim

  • anonim
  • ABD, Bayan, 31-40
  • Acemi Göçebe
28 May 2014

Wifi wasn't working 1/2 the time I stayed there. There is no laundry facility, which would be ok if only there was a laundromat close by. I spent the whole day and 20 Euro to take care of this. When I asked to use a hair dryer they asked for 3 Euro plus 10 Euro deposit. I refused to pay, so they let me use it for free in the vestibule. The reception guys step outside to smoke every 1/2 hour - the smoke is drawn inside the vestibule. No breakfast. I would not stay there again.

    • 6.0Ekonomik
    • 6.0Güvenlik
    • 8.0Yer
    • 4.0Tesisler
    • 4.0Çalışanlar
    • 4.0Atmosfer
    • 8.0Temizlik
  • anonim
  • ABD, Bayan, 31-40
  • Acemi Göçebe
Soggiorno Primavera, Florence, Italya
24 May 2014

Massimo was very nice and helpful. The place is very nice, clean, has the Old World feel to it. It has no breakfast, but Massimo provides electric kettles and tea bags/coffee packets as well as some cups and bowls. I got some stuff from the grocery by the railway station and made good breakfast. Truly nice place, I would stay there again.

Tesis Cevabını Görüntüle

Ciao Darya and thank you very much for yur kindness. ALso for us it was very nice to meet you. We hope to see you soon in Florence. Ciao da Firenze :-)

    • 10.0Ekonomik
    • 8.0Güvenlik
    • 10.0Yer
    • 10.0Tesisler
    • 10.0Çalışanlar
    • 8.0Atmosfer
    • 10.0Temizlik
  • anonim
  • ABD, Bayan, 31-40
  • Acemi Göçebe
17 May 2014

Nice place. Friendly and pleasant. Close to Vatican, but not close to metro. Right next to the river, which is an excellent orientier as you are finding your way through the city. Facilities could use an update, but are sufficiently functional.

    • 10.0Ekonomik
    • 10.0Güvenlik
    • 8.0Yer
    • 6.0Tesisler
    • 10.0Çalışanlar
    • 10.0Atmosfer
    • 6.0Temizlik

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