The Funky Dodo Backpackers Hostel

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Hopkins Village

Tesis Konumu

Getting here:

Belize has a safe and reliable bus network that runs country wide 7 days a week from sunrise until 10 pm or so. There are around 15 main bus companies with their respective names, logos and colors and you can travel the whole length of the country for under US$20.00.

Getting here from Philip Goldson international airport:

There is no bus service from the airport to Belize city which is a 30 min drive. A taxi will charge in the region of 40.00 Bzd to take you in to Belize city Bus terminal. The local taxi fare within Belize city is only 2.50 to 5.00 USD for 1 – 4 people depending on where in town you go.

Getting to the Funky Dodo from BZ International airport– there are multiple ways to accomplish this:

public transit (see below): Take a cab from the airport to the bus terminal. Take a southbound bus (Placencia, Punta Gorda) to Dangriga. There are two buses that leave Dangriga to Hopkins: 10.30am and 5pm. If you miss those, stay/take the southbound bus, tell the driver to let you off at the Hopkins junction. From there it is easy (and safe) to hitchhike the 5 miles to the village. We are just steps from the main intersection in Hopkins. Pro: inexpensive. Con: hot, crowded, 3-4 hour ride in old american school bus.
Shuttle: you can make arrangements to have a shuttle pick you up from the airport and drop you at the Dodo. Pro: air conditioned, safe driver, beautiful highway. Con: 2.5 hour drive, generally need four people for them to come out, can be expensive.
Fly (my personal recommendation). Direct from BZ Int’l, there are hourly flights to Dangriga. From the airstrip take a taxi from the bus terminal (see #1) or all the way to the Dodo. Pro: low hassle, 15 minute flight, gets you directly where you need to be without the worry of cars breaking down, accidents, traffic jams. Con: can be expensive, luggage limited. Both airlines have very good on time and safety records.
*Please note* we are not affiliated with any of the companies noted above, and receive no consideration from them.

From Belize city/Belmopan/St ignacio/Dangriga:

From Belize city Bus terminal the total journey time to Dangriga is approximately 3 hours. At the Belize city bus terminal ask for a bus going to Dangriga. There are many buses going to Dangriga and they leave roughly every half an hour all day long. Starting from from 5 am until 9 pm and there is an express bus at around 2 pm.

The bus route will go via Belmopan bus terminal where buses from St Ignacio / Guatemalan Border will also stop. Once you leave the Belmopan Bus Terminal the journey to Dangriga takes about 1.5 hours to reach Dangriga bus terminal. From Dangriga bus terminal you will need to catch the Hopkins bus that leaves at 10:30 am and 5 pm from the bus terminal. If you miss the Hopkins bus the other option is to take any bus heading south and ask to be dropped off at the Hopkins Junction 25 minutes down the road. At the Hopkins junction you can easily catch a ride in a passing vehicle for the last 4 miles in to the village. A taxi from Dangriga to Hopkins village will cost around 40 – 50 USD for up to 4 people.

Click the link below to open the bus schedule:


From Punta Gorda, Independance, Placencia:

All the buses that go up the southern highway coming up from the South of the country including Punta Gorda, Independance, Placencia etc will come past the Hopkins Junction and you can ask to be dropped off at the Hopkins junction bus Stop at the end of the Hopkins road Just tell your friendly bus conductor that you are going to Hopkins Junction. From there it is 4 miles to the village. It is easy to hitch a ride in a passing vehicle or wait at the junction for the bus from Dangriga to Hopkins that will collect you. Buses leave Dangriga at 10:30 am and 5:00 pm and will take roughly 25 mins to reach the Junction.

Getting here via National and international public transport

Getting here from Mexico to Belize:

You can get a direct bus to Belize city from Cancun, Playa del carmen, Tulum and Chetumal with ADO bus lines (no need to book) and from there a local bus to Dangriga which run throughout the day from 5 am till 9 pm. To get from Dangriga to Hopkins there is a bus that leaves at 10:30 am and 5:00pm from the bus terminal on the south side of town.

Coming to Belize from Guatemala by land you will come to Flores and cross the border at Benque Viejo where there will be buses or taxis that will take you to the Benque Viejo bus terminal and from there the route is to St Ignacio, then Belmopan, Dangriga and then Hopkins Village. Buses run all day and it takes no more than 3 hours to reach Dangriga.

Getting here from Guatemala to Belize by boat:

There are boats every day except Sundays from Livingstone and Puerto Barrios to Punta Gorda From Punta Gorda it is a 3 hour bus ride to The Hopkins junction. There are also Boats from Puerto Cortez in Honduras once a week on a Monday morning.
  • Ekonomik 8.7
  • Güvenlik 9.3
  • Yer 9.5
  • Çalışanlar 9.2
  • Atmosfer 8.6
  • Temizlik 9.0
  • Tesisler 8.5
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