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33.000 tesis, 170 ülke 3,5 milyonun üzerinde Müşteri Yorumu 21 milyon rezervasyon

Ron Rio Apartments'e yol tarifleri

Rua Julio de Castilhos 55, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brezilya

Harita ve Yol Tarifleri


  • 93%Ekonomik
  • 97%Güvenlik
  • 97%Yer
  • 97%Çalışanlar
  • 90%Atmosfer
  • 100%Temizlik
  • 93%Tesisler

The apartment is located on the corner of Rua Julio de Castilhos and Rua Raul Pompeia in Arpoador.

This is a 10 minutes walk from 'General Osorio' metro station.
A taxi from the 'Rodoviaria' busstation will cost you approx. 40 reals.
From the International GIG airport it will cost approx. 65-75 reals. Take the yellow taxis outside the terminal (on the meter!!) or 'aerotaxi /aerocoop' for 66/79 fixed price at a booth!
Watch out for the taxi scammers who want you to pay 100 reais for a taxi outside the international airport!
If you are not used to taxi hassle get an expensive airport taxi at the inside booth for 130 reais.

You can also take the 'REAL' bus from the 'Rodoviaria' busstation(R$9 ) or from the international airport GIG(R$14,65).
Just tell the driver to stop at the corner(esquina) of Rua Julio de Castilhos. (just 2 blocks from the apartment walking away from the beach)