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33.000 tesis, 170 ülke 3,5 milyonun üzerinde Müşteri Yorumu 21 milyon rezervasyon

Riad Verus'e yol tarifleri

1 Derb Arset Bennis, Batha, Medina, Fez, Fas

Harita ve Yol Tarifleri


  • 73%Ekonomik
  • 67%Güvenlik
  • 80%Yer
  • 63%Çalışanlar
  • 71%Atmosfer
  • 69%Temizlik
  • 69%Tesisler

Please print these directions so you can find us easily.

Be very careful of people on the trains, in bus stations or at squares who tell you that they are lawyers, doctors or live overseas and express a very keen interest in helping you out; there is usually an ulterior motive and they're con artists. If someone does guide you to the riad, show your reservation sheet and explain that you do not need a tour of the Medina the following day but do tip him for his trouble. Fes is notorious for its con artists so please do not believe these tricksters on arrival to our city.

From the train or bus station in the New town:
Hop in a taxi and ask for Riad Sheherazade, Batha in the Medina, close to the Batha Fountain. Do not get out of the taxi 'til you are sure you are at Riad Sheherazade. Looking at Riad Sheherazade, turn left and walk for 150 metres. We are down the street on the right - the first riad on the right, with bonsai and palm trees, lanterns, a brass door knocker reading 'Riad Verus' and a wooden porch.

If you get lost just give us a call and we will come and search you out!! If you're arriving after 10pm it is likely the office is closed so the phone wont be answered; knock on the door and the guard will open up the door for you, We do have a live DJ most nights til midnight.

You can get a bus from the new town but realistically you'd only save about 4 DHM so it's worth it to take a cheap red taxi - get them to turn on the metre though!

we also have an uploaded directions video on youtube worth checking out.