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30.000 tesis, 180 ülke 3,5 milyonun üzerinde Müşteri Yorumu 21 milyon rezervasyon

Nile Season Hotel'e yol tarifleri

1089 Corniche El Nil, 20 Aisha Timoria, Garden City, Cairo, Misir

Harita ve Yol Tarifleri


  • 50%Ekonomik
  • 50%Güvenlik
  • 70%Yer
  • 60%Çalışanlar
  • 50%Atmosfer
  • 60%Temizlik
  • 50%Tesisler

1089 Corniche El Nil, 20 Aisha Timoria, Garden City
30 Min by Taxi from the airport

The large red, white and blue public buses cover the entire city and are much cheaper, but are usually crowded. However, there are the similar air-conditioned buses that charge 2 L.E. for the trip and prohibit standing on the bus. They can be found in the main squares in Cairo. Also found in main squares are the smaller mini-buses that are usually orange and white or red, white and blue.