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33.000 tesis, 170 ülke 3,5 milyonun üzerinde Müşteri Yorumu 21 milyon rezervasyon

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Kalyoncu Kullugu Mah Tekir Sok No:15 Beyoglu, Istanbul, Türkiye

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Regarding to transportation from Ataturk Airport there are 2 ways:

1- You can take a taxi from Ataturk airport to our hotel. They usually take about 45-50 Turkish Liras. The distance between the airport and our hotel is about 20 Kms. It would take you more or less 20-25 minuits. You’d better to tell the taxi driver to bring you from coast, until you arrive to TRT building (Turkey Radio&TV), taxi should turn right side of the TRT (Turkey Radio&TV) building (UK Consulate is located in the same lane.) then turn left and toward the underpass(HAMMALBASI cad.). After that taxi should pass the bridge and turn right into the second lane(KURDELA sok.). On the right side there is a grocery. Turn right (TEKIR sok.) and stop in front of the grey building with a small board that is written NICOLEPORT on it. You also can ask the taxi driver to call us to get the direction as soon as you get the taxi.

2- If you would like to come to TAKSIM SQUARE by HAVATAS BUS (it costs 10 Turkish Liras from Ataturk Airport to Taksim Sq. for each person) the best direction to the hotel on foot is as below:
Please go to ISTIKLAL STREET and go straight ahead until you arrive to GALATASARAY HIGH SCHOOL (GALATASARAY LISESI). It is a very famous high school in Istanbul with a very big dark green gate and everyone knows it. There is a narrow street in front of GALATASARAY LISESI. Enter this street (MESRUTIYET cad), after 20 meters you will see the board that is written “HAMMALBASI cad.”, continue until you pass the underpass (HAMMALBASI cad.). Then get into the second lane on the right side (KURDELA sok.). On the right side of the lane there is a grocery. Turn right again(TEKIR sok.). You will see our grey building with a small board that is written NICOLEPORT on it.