Dünyadaki en güzel Hostellerin adresi

33.000 tesis, 170 ülke 3,5 milyonun üzerinde Müşteri Yorumu 21 milyon rezervasyon

Kingz Plaza Guest House'e yol tarifleri

Villa 10504 Sacr�-C�ur 3, VDN Extension, Dakar, Senegal

Harita ve Yol Tarifleri


  • 60%Ekonomik
  • 80%Güvenlik
  • 80%Yer
  • 60%Çalışanlar
  • 60%Atmosfer
  • 60%Temizlik
  • 40%Tesisler

- Kingz Plaza is only 15 minutes from Leopold Sedar international airport, Dakar, SENEGAL.

- Some drivers may need direction if they are not familiar with the area. In such a case, you can call us so we can direct the driver.

- Getting a taxi at the airport is easy Taxis are always available right outside the Airport. Anytime of the day or night. The cost of a Taxi from the airport to Kingz Plaza is about 5.00 EUR. (Plus / Minus) Depending on the hour.

- A drawn directional MAP can be downloaded from our website or forwarded to Guests on request.

- Guests could also be collected from the airport by Kingz Plaza drivers and/or staffs on arrangement.