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Hostel & Pousada Casa Coco Verde'e yol tarifleri

Rua das Dunas, Jericoacoara, Brezilya

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Jericoacoara is slightly more difficult to get to than other places, but that's half of its charm.

Public transfer:
Coming from the East, buses (Fretcar) leave Fortaleza bus station regularly and take about 7 hours. They include an open 4WD transfer from Jijoca.

From the West, come via Camocin, which can be reached via Parnaiba. Regular transports and buggies leave from Camocin to Jeri and take in between one and three hours.

By car:
To get here by car you will need a map/GPS because the roads are not well sign-posted. You need about six hours to get from Fortaleza to the centre of the municipality of Jijoca of Jericoacoara. From there, you will need a vehicle with four-wheel-drive, or a buggy to make the final 23km through the dunes to Jeri itself.

From the Bus Station:
To get to the hostel, walk through the little alley/street opposite the bus station/Global Connection Internet Cafe, cross the main street/Rua Principal, through the next little alley and turn left onto Rua Sao Francisco. Turn right 50m after Jeripan Padaria/bakery in front of a yellow wall, follow the street around and then turn left onto Rua das Dunas. Casa Coco Verde is just up on the righthand side. You should see our little welcome sign and big green gate. There is a map at the end of the photos.