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30.000 tesis, 180 ülke 3,5 milyonun üzerinde Müşteri Yorumu 21 milyon rezervasyon

Hercegovina'e yol tarifleri

Trg 1. Maj br. 10, Mostar, Bosna Hersek

Harita ve Yol Tarifleri


  • 98%Ekonomik
  • 93%Güvenlik
  • 98%Yer
  • 98%Çalışanlar
  • 91%Atmosfer
  • 96%Temizlik
  • 93%Tesisler

Guesthouse is located at the address where you can feel the wonderful intersection of East and West that is so authentic in Mostar. On the right side there is the famous Old Bridge (100 meters away) where you can enjoy the sights of the old town and numerous traditional restaurants. On the left side you can find Turkish house (20 meters away), Karađozbay mosque-largest and oldest mosque in Herzegovina (30 meters away), Muslibegovića house (70 meters away), numerous Mostar coffee-bars, restaurants, the post office (150 meters away) etc. Maybe the best sign is big supermarket (DP MARKET is 20 meters away, property is just behind DP MARKET, look for the yellow doors), Guesthouse is 15 minutes driving away from the airport (If you want we can also offer transportation to the property, which is much cheaper than a taxi)