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Spiegelstraat 4, Haarlem, Hollanda

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  • 95%Ekonomik
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  • 99%Temizlik
  • 93%Tesisler

Hello I’m Local is located in the city center in a quiet neighborhood, 4 mins walk from the central square, the Grote Markt.

WARNING Parking in the streets around Hello I’m Local is especially for local residents. Sure you can leave your car in front to drop off your stuff and get directions to free parking. Make sure the person with the most sense of direction is driving as the streets aren’t straightforward. Don’t worry, I will give you a map and help out. Be sure to let me know if you want to pay for parking, then I have some easier options.

My street is a dead-end street so tell the cab driver or your GPS to go to Spaarnwouderstraat 80 to drop you off.
As I am located in an area built in the 1600’s when they didn’t have cars, parking is limited and mainly for local resident permits. Don’t worry as there are a number of free parking spaces in the Amsterdamse Buurt which is a 5 min walk. To get there drive into the Teylerstraat. Take the first left onto Zuidpolderstraat and find a parking lot immediately on your left. Parking is free here. If it is full, continue on Zuidpolderstraat and take the second left. There is a larger free parking lot at the end (GPS: Severijnsstraat). Another option is the end of the Teylerstraat, only on the left hand side. Check out my map that has P showing the free parking spots.

Paid parking is possible between the numbers 37 and 43 in the Spaarnwouderstraat or in the paid parking garage De Appelaar.

Or just come with public transport and rent a bike to explore the area. Depending how fast you walk it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to your good nights sleep from the train station. Along the way you pass some great photo opp’s like the most photographed bridge in town which you’ll need to cross to find me. Directions from the station: Please take the Jansweg and Bakenessergracht. Be aware that this bridge only shows if you use the walk option on Google maps.

Flying in? Take bus 300, the train to Haarlem through Amsterdam Sloterdijk or book a cab. Still having trouble finding me? Don’t be shy and just give me a call, I will show you the way.